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With an emphasis in basketball development, AOSS Prep Academy athletes have the opportunity to take college-level courses, work with elite level coaches, play college level caliber athletes, all while maintaining four (4) years of eligibility until officially playing an NCAA Division 1 or professional schedule.  This program is ideal for athletes needing more time for academic and physical maturity, advanced level coaching, training, and conditioning, additional game experience while competing with the Nation’s best.  Upon leaving our program, our basketball athletes are smarter, stronger, quicker, and academically astute in order to maximize their potential and exposure to college and professional recruiters across the nation.  Let us serve as your bridge between high school, NCAA, and professional competition. 

AOSS Prep is located in La Verne, CA and has training facilities in cities such as Corona, Rancho, and Orange County.  Please contact us to learn more about AOSS Prep program, head coach, elite training program, and game schedule. 


The mission of AOSS Prep Academy is to develop elite athletes and to support national efforts to increase competitiveness on an international level.
Upon leaving the academy, it is our goal that our student-athletes:

  1. Will be prepared to perform at top levels

  2. Will obtain an early college awareness

  3. Will be driven to succeed in all subjects and embrace all academic challenges

  4. Will develop a personal commitment to serve as leaders of the 21st century

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